First F2F Core Team Meeting in Sweden

It was a wonderful after-work meeting when most of the core team members could come and meet face to face. I have had meeting face to face individually and we have been discussion online but it was good to have some face time. Sweden’s OKFN Team consist of Max, Kristina, Adrian, Fredrik, Adrian, Mattias and I. There are some more people that might join us.

We decided to use domain name as our primary website and email and concluded what type of activities shall we have for the year 2014.  As we confirm with prospective partners and the location, we will keep you updated from here. What is for sure is, as  we can announce from now on that, we will have casual after-work meetups (Open Data Drinks) every last week of the month. More information will come soon. Further more, our team will have ownership of the Open Data Census 2014.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested to join us, do projects with us, you can reach us by looking at the Team-page.

Have a nice day.


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