Transparency International Latvia, in collaboration with Open Knowledge Sweden and Open Knowledge Finland, has published a new study on open data and anti-corruption policies in Latvia, Sweden and Finland, showing that governments in the three countries could do more to leverage the potential of open data for anti-corruption policies and public accountability. The study comprises […]

Welcome to Open Knowledge Awards 2017

Stockholm, 2017/10/17 – Open Knowledge Sweden is pleased to announce the Open Knowledge Awards 2017. Open knowledge is knowledge, often in the form of data, available for everyone to freely use, reuse and redistribute without any sorts of restrictions. Open Knowledge Sweden envisions enlightened societies where everyone has access to key information in order to […]

Some basic information on Freedom of Information in Sweden

1. Transparent governmental structure: at the demand of the King! Sweden with its current population of 9.8 Million used to be a relative poor country, its wealth hasn’t been growing until 1870s. The King had to collect tax from very limited population to finance the consumption of his Government as well as his family—the reason […]

How was Open Data Day in Stockholm 2016? – Project manager of Open Data Census at OKSE

The main reason with the international Open Data day event was to enlighten each other within the framework of open data/governmental data. Hosted by OKSE at the Wikimedia center, this was made by arranging workshops, giving feedback and sharing ideas in different groups. The diverse attendants made information sharing valuable for all parts (people from […]

Call to Hack for Sweden!

Hack for Sweden is a competition and an unique collaboration between 23 Swedish authorities and organisations. The challenge for the participants in this hackathon is to make the use of open data available by the authorities in new applications or services that may result in new businesses and increased benefits. The Hack for Sweden award will be […]

The Visualization Studio at KTH

The Visualization Studio (VIC) is a public research, education, and outreach facility of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio opened in 2011 and has since then been hosting many activities, such as workshops, course lectures, events and discussions. It is also a user study laboratory for computer graphics, visualization and interaction […]

Open Knowledge – Open Borders

Open Knowledge Sweden expresses solidarity with the “Refugees Welcome” movement. In our modern, turbulent world access to the knowledge is power. We believe that information helps to keep a balance of power in the world, enabling freedom to make our own, informed choices. Access to information is not possible without access to a safer life. […]

Amazon, Google, IBM m.fl. skapar plattform för öppna data

President Barack Obama utfärdade i maj 2013 den exekutiva ordern om att offentlig information ska ha “the default state of new and modernized Government information resources shall be open and machine readable”. Sedan dess har federala myndigheter behövt följa en öppna data policy och publicera sin information i ett öppet, tillgängligt format. I den exekutiva […]

Fastighetsaffär kostade skattebetalarna 125 miljoner

Uppdaterad den 4 augusti. Undertecknad håller på att sammanställa hur mycket Västerås flygplats har kostat Västerås skattebetalare sedan Ryanair började använda flygplatsen 2001.1 Nu är det dags att undersöka hur det kommunala bolaget Västerås Flygfastigheter AB har påverkat flygplatsens ekonomi. Företrädare för Miljöpartiet och Vänsterpartiet menar att flygplatsen indirekt subventionerats genom låga hyror och nedskrivning […]