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OKFestival is a community-led event for anyone interested in the open movement – you don’t have to be a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation to take part. There are many ways in which you can contribute to shaping the festival and these include:

  • Translate the festival website

As part of our aims to make OKFestival as accessible as possible, we’d love to be able to offer different language versions of the festival website. If you’d like to volunteer to translate any or all of it into another language, please get in touch.

  • Spread the word about the festival

One of the aims of OKFestival is to bring together as many open knowledge enthusiasts as possible and to make this happen, to create a truly diverse, engaging concersation, we need your help with spreading the word!  Why not tweet about the event or share it with your Facebook friends? Or mention it at other events that you’re attending or organising. Please add the #OKFest14 hashtag to any content you post online so we can all join in the conversations.

Here are some example posts that you might want to reshare or use to create your own!


  • Run a local meetup before the festival


  • To spread the word about Open and OKFestival with anyone who might not (yet) be familiar with them – be a spokesperson for Open!

  • To meet and share details about projects, learn more about other groups’ activities and discover collaboration possibilities along the way.

  • To think about what amazing projects and ideas you would like to propose and participate in at OKFestival.

  • To team up with diverse people and groups and start planning to make stuff happen together at the festival. Our call for submissions is out now, and we’ll also offer space and time for people to get together and collaborate in person at the festival.

  • To (financially) support OKFestival. We’re working on offering a very affordable event, from tickets prices to financial aid opportunities. If you have links to organisations who might sponsor the event or offer a grant or financial aid so that more people can join us in Berlin, please get in touch with Thanks!

How to get started?

  • Have a look at the learnings and tips from the first pre-OKFestival Meetup in Berlin

  • Check out the pre-OKFestival Meetups etherpad, to see which other events took place/are planned. Add  info about your meetup (before, during and after it) and connect with others involved in the global meetups.

  • Find more tips on types of events or sessions you could run before or at OKFestival 2014 in the Open Knowledge Foundation Events Handbook and in this post by our friend Michelle Thorne of Mozilla.

  • Submit a programme proposal

The deadline to submit your proposal was March 30, 2014. It you didn’t send one in time, no worries – there are still ways you can facilitate a session at the festival (or organise an independent gathering on the spot). In addition to the scheduled programme, OKFestival includes time and space for short impromptu talks; a special section of the programme where you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your session in the morning for a slot later in the day, as well as plenty of time and space to team up or meet up around spontaneous projects and activities.

To find answers to all your questions about the programme, try our Programme FAQs, and take a look at who’s on the Programme Team this year. Plus, don’t forget to get a ticket to join and participate!

Questions, Tips?

You’re always welcome to drop us a line at

Get meeting, sharing and making!